About Geely

Founded in 1986, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (here in after referred to as “Geely”) began to specialize in the automobile industry in1997. Geely quickly focused on the industry, technological innovation, and personnel training over the past years. With total assets of more than RMB 100 billion, Geely is one of the China’s top500 companies for ten consecutive years, ranks in the top 10 automobile manufacturers for eight consecutive years. In addition, it is recognized as the “Innovative Enterprise of China” and “Complete Vehicle Export Base of China”.

The total operating revenue of Geely has reached USD 23.3557billion (approx. RMB 150 billion). On July 2012, Geely was listed in Fortune Global500 as the only private automobile enterprise from China.Headquartered in Hangzhou, Geely has complete vehicle and powertrain manufacturing bases in Linhai, Ningbo, and Luqiao of Zhejiang Province and in Lanzhou, Xiangtan, Jinan and Chengdu. We have a DSI automatic transmission R&D center and manufacturing factory in Australia. Our portfolio consists more than 30 complete vehicle models with a full range of engines from 1.0 L to 2.4 L, as well as manual/automatic transmissions to match with them.

Geely has established a complete sales network comprised of nearly1,000 4S dealers and nearly 1,000 service stations in China. We also have over 500 sales and service outlets in the international market. We have invested tens of millions Yuan to build a first-class call center offering 24-hour services to customers in China. As a result, we came out on top in the survey of customer satisfaction to after-sales service made by J.D. Power. We have taken the lead in setting up the SAP-based ERP management system and after-sales service information system, so that we can make prompt response to customer demands and quickly process the market information. Furthermore, we pioneered the development of a new online automobile marketing channel and are the first automobile manufacturer engaged in B2B and B2C e-business. By the end of 2012,Geely has had a car parc of 2.7 million and recognized as a famous Chinese brand.