Emgrand GS

  • Emgrand GS

    Emgrand GS SpecificationThe all-new Geely Emgrand GS had its public debut in the Beijing Auto Show and was launched in the Chinese car market at the same time.

    Available with a 1.8l naturally aspirated engine with 133hp and 170nm and a six-speed DCT, the Emgrand GT design follows the blend between European and Chinese elements. A full moon roof turns the Emgrand GS’s cabin into a light, airy and space-conscious interior; passengers will be able to benefit from better views around the vehicle. Alloy wheels (18 inch) have been used to give the Emgrand GS a sure-footed stance on the roads, making the GS ready for whatever the urban environment can bring at it. Daylight running lights have been chosen for the Emgrand GS to give the GS a strong presence both during the day and night.

    Geely’s Urban Safety System has been installed on the Emgrand GS, allowing the vehicle to automatically apply brakes, should the driver get too close to the car ahead. At the same time, this system also works hand in hand with the Automatic Cruise Control System that will match the vehicle in front’s speed and apply brakes should another vehicle enter in front.

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